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Antique original swords and sabres for sale. Rare Austrian, Prussian, Hungarian and Polish weapons. Genuine European and Oriental swords.

Collection of the real antique swords and sabres.

Hungarian Lord Sabre

Price: $7.690

Hungarian Lord Sabre

Luxury sabre of a Hungarian magnate (Hungarian Lord) with scabbard.
Probably end of 18th or beginning of 19th century.
Sabre blade is older.
Turkish design influence.

Handle: black wood, silvered guard.

Scabbard: covered by velvet.
Semi precious stones.
Silver metal fittings.

Overall: 35.4"
Blade: 27.6"


Hungarian Sabre 1811

Price: $3.790

Hungarian sabre

Luxury Custom made Hungarian sabre sword: damascus blade, rich decorations, widened blade, decorated handle made of horn instead of leather. The sabre belonged to a Hungarian cavalry officer or a noble (Hungarian magnate). The basic 1811 sabre model was tuned to perfection. No scabbard. Sabre length: 34.3" Blade: 29.5" Blade width: 1.457". Authentic elite Hungarian sabre from early 19th century.


Hussar Sabre 18th Century

Price: $3.590

Hussar sabre

Authentic hussar sabre sword. Luxury sabre of the legendary cavalry troops. Origin: 1750+, probably Austrian hussar regiment. Decorations: Bust of Turk, occult kabala symbols on blade. Ray skin handle. Decorateed guard. No scabbard.


Hunting Sabre 18th Century

Price: $3.490

Hunting sabre

Authentic hunting sabre from beginning of 18th century (1700+). Area of use: Eastern Prussia, Greater Poland, Russia.


Talwar Sword

Price: $1.890

Antique Talwar Sword from Afghanistan. Authentic talwar 19th century. Original Afghan talwar (pulwar) sword with scabbard.


French Briquet Sabre AN IX

Price: $1.490

Antique French Briquet Sabre AN IX. Authentic briquet sabre sword, probably Zouave troops. 37.2 inches. Original scabbard.


Austrian Cavalry Sabre 1869

Price: $890

Austrian cavalry sabre

Authentic Austrian Cavalry Sabre 1869 Damascene blade. Custom made sabre sword from 19th century. Original, authentic sabre sword from Austria-Hungary.


Austrian Officer Sabre 1869

Price: $990

Austrian officer sabre

Antique Austrian Officer Sabre 1869. Original authentic sabre sword from 19th century. Scabbard. 34.3 inches.


Court sword

Price: $3.490

Antique Imperial Court Sword 18th Century. Authentic, rare sword from early 18th century. Imperial apple, dove. Sword of infantry officer. Central Europe.


Prussian officer rapier

Price: $1.790

Prussian officer rapier sword

Antique Prussian Officer Rapier Sword 19th Century. True sword from historical Europe. Rapier sword of Prussian infantry officers. End of 19th century. W.Glauberg, Solingen.


Austrian Railways official sword

Price: $1.889

Antique Rapier Sword-Austrian Railways 1857. Authentic rapier made for officers of Austro-Hungarian railways. Floral motives. Weyersberg & Stamm, Solingen.


Austrian Back Sword 1824

Price: $2.890

Austrian backsword 1824

Antique Austrian Sword 1824. Authentic Austria-Hungary sword from 19th century. Manufacturer: Fischer.

These authentic swords come from Europe.
Each sword comes with a certificate of origin with a description and history signed by a museum expert.
Delivery time: 1-2 months.