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Russian Shashka

Russian shashka sword. Shashka history, use and types. Shaska-legendary cossack weapon. Shashka, sasqua, shaska.


Shashka is a legendary sabre sword used by cossacks. The typical shashka is slightly curved sabre. Shashka is missing guard which is substituted by a curved pommel. Shashkas were a very sharp weapons used for thrusts and slashes.

Russian Shashka

Shashka origin
Shashka originated from Caucasian tribes in medieval times.
Shashka was adopted by Ukrainian and Russian cossacks and it was used by Russian imperial troops. Later Soviet cavalry used the shashka till end of second world war.

Shashka use
Shashka was used by Caucasian warriors from 12th century. The shashka was adopted by cossacks and who made the sabre legend. Shashka was adopted later by Russian imperial troops, for example by Caucasian corps. The sabre was also used by Soviet and White cavalry during revolution and Russian civil war. The sabre prevailed in use till end of ww2.


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